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Forest Path

Trail Rides

Proudly offering guided trail rides through Medoc Mountain State Park

Tranquility Hour Trail Ride

A peaceful horseback ride through the forest.

This hour trail ride travels through various park terrain and provides a fun, yet relaxing riding experience. Our Tranquility ride is best suited for new riders, those who may be a bit nervous to get in the saddle, someone who is physically limited and/or youngsters with a short attention span.

Two Hour Loop Trail Ride

A happy medium of adventure and relaxation.

Our two hour Loop Trail Ride is a perfect balance of enjoying the beautiful State Park and spending just the right amount of time in the saddle. While this ride covers more twisted terrain and integrates a few hills and tight spots, it is still suited for just about everyone.

Trail Blazer Three Hour Trail Ride

A trail ride for adventure enthusiasts. 

The three hour Trail Blazer Ride is for the adventure enthusiast! This ride covers a full tour of the riding paths throughout Medoc Mountain State Park. At the riders comfort level, we will allow more than just a walking pace during certain parts of the trail. This is the best way for horse lovers to get their riding fix in!

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