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Forest Path


While we do not have an age limit, we ask that you be mindful to the attention spans and maturity levels of your littles. 


One Hour Lesson

Our hour long Western Riding Lessons are perfect for those wanting to learn or refresh their foundation to Western Riding. 

These lessons provide a well-rounded education in several dynamics ranging from basic horse care, grooming, equine behavior, basic body parts, basic illnesses, and the fundamentals to Western Riding. We teach to proper posture, body movement, gaits, posting, cues and more to help maximize each riders potential for success. We teach each student on a one-on-one basis to provide individualized teaching and allow for our complete time and attention to be dedicated to that student.

While we are encouraging to push our students, we pride ourselves on working within each individuals personal comfort levels to maximize their riding experience and enjoyment while in the saddle. When a rider reaches a certain level of riding abilities, we do offer off-site rides and trail rides at no additional cost. We enjoy structure, but sometimes you just need to have fun!



We created our 30-minute lessons for littles who want to enjoy the equine experience, but may not have the attention span to dedicate an entire hour to.

These mini lessons will teach a condensed version of equine care, body parts and riding in a Western Discipline. We are able to offer littles to ride on the line or off the line depending on their abilities and comfort level. While not traditionally inclusive of tacking up and grooming, we can cater to each individual depending on their abilities to customize the perfect riding lesson that allows their education and experience to progress. This is the perfect way to build self-confidence in a fun environment!  

To book your lessons or if you have any questions, please Text, Email or Call us!

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