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Forest Path
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Here at Ten Point Ranch, we pride ourselves on being a small-scale facility that focuses on the individualized care your horse needs to thrive. We know your peace of mind comes with the confidence that your horse is getting the best possible care. 

Forest Path

Stall Board - $550

Our center-aisle barn boasts 12 x 12 fully matted stalls with the ability to fully close off the interior of the barn during inclement weather. Each stall has an industrial fan mounted on the ceiling and several bucket hooks for water and grain. There are heated water buckets in each stall for the winter months. We offer night/day turnout at your request. Stalls are mucked daily and kept very tidy with a generous layer of pine shavings. There are mounted hay racks in each stall with the ability for a hay net to be hung as well. Each stall is equipped with a small salt block holder and the barn has automatic fly spray machines throughout as well as hanging fly traps regularly updated. Hay is provided with stall board. We will work with you to your preferred choice of hay and amount to be given. Turnout will include a lush pasture (kept with round bales during winter months) and a large run-in. We offer the ability for a mixed group turnout or a mare/gelding specific pasture.

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We currently do not have any availability for stall board.


Pasture Board - $400

We have over 9 Large and LUSH pastures with secure hot wire fencing throughout. Each pasture setup has access to a large run-in. Pasture Board includes 2 a day grain feeding and round bales during the winter when the pasture grass die out. We have the ability to integrate your horse with a mixed herd or isolate them with just mares/geldings at your preference. Pastures are rotated and left to rest regularly to ensure the best quality and grass possible. 



We currently do not have a openings for Pasture Board. 


What's included:

  • Feeding Grain 2x Daily (We are able to work out your preferred choice of feed and feed everyone in a private space)

  • Fly Spray Application/Fly Gear Dressing

  • Blanketing

  • Holding for Farrier/Vet

  • Administering Medication(s) and/or Supplement(s)

  • Boarder Tack Room

  • Boarder Bathroom

  • Hot Water Wash Bay

  • Trailer Parking

  • Access to Arena

  • Access to On-Site Bridle Paths

Barn Overlook.jpg

Specialized Care:

Your horse's care and happiness is our biggest priority. We are happy to cater to his/her specific needs and are open to specialized treatment if needed. Whether it be a special diet, extra feedings, varied turnout, basic medical attention, peculiar behavioral issues, we are happy to work with you to provide an environment and boarding opportunity that works for you and your horse. Please contact us to discuss any specialized care options your horse requires and we will work our hardest to cater to those needs. 

Join Our Herd!

For questions regarding boarding opportunities or specificities, please call, text or email us at:

(252) 801-1322

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